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The Universe is not outside of you, everything that you want,
You already are.


Who am I ? Why I am here ? What is my purpose ? Why does my life does not feel aligned ? Why don’t I feel peace, happiness ?


These are complex questions that can’t be answer in one day but there are tools that help us start revealing the answers, a way we can take, own our strengths in that way, integrate our challenges, but start more to follow our North Star, our true path.


North Star Session
Your Soul’s Direction, Strengths and Challenges

As a symbol your North Star path is the one with more fulfillment and purpose. In these sessions we will use Esoteric Astrology to see the map of your Soul the moment of your birth (Birth Chart) . We will see the key aspects that are related with your purpose, strengths and biggest challenge (soul homework I like to call it).


Unleash Your Soul’s Destiny (Individual)

If you lived the highest potential of your Birth Chart, what would it look like?

If you fully owned your strengths and used them in your life, value them enough to polish them and use them to serve others?

If you healed the core wounds or tensions that are limiting you, by becoming more conscious and having the right tools?

These are the answers we will find together in 3 months having a session every 15 days, I will create a program for you and your specific situation to get you the result you want.

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Unleash Your Soul’s Destiny
(Group) – Limit 4 people

Group Dynamics helps us heal, grow and evolve together. After years of being in this groups, I see that one of the biggest things that hold us accountable is “the tribe” that is both container where we share our evolution as well as inspiration, seeing others growth becomes a gift.

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Spirit Animal Reading

Online & Offline Events

Every month I hold New Moon and Full Moon activations and Intuitive Group Coaching calls as well a punctual workshops and conferences both online and off line. 

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