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Events & Experiences

A powerful experience can change your life.

I create spaces, lead meditations and activities,

channel information to bring to life experiences that will connect

you to your intuition, creativity and the intelligence of life (moon and elements),

supporting you to live a more aligned and inspired life

as well as connecting with like minded people that will be a support and inspiration.


New Moon & Full Moon

Every Month online we have a gathering in the New Moon and Full Moon's and sometimes live.

Every New Moon has the energy of the it’s sign, it is an opportunity to connect to the positive aspects of those signs and integrate them to bring the manifestations we desire in our lives.

Intuition and Creativity Workshops

Everyone is Creative and Intuitive but the best way to own and develop this gifts and forces is to practice. With music, creative exercises and dance I create spaces, challenges and workshops to develop these superpowers in a fun and powerful way.


Soul Purpose & Soul Gifts

We all have a Soul Purpose and incredible talents and gifts that we are not fully aware off. In these gatherings and workshops I lead people through meditation, astrology and creativity know more more about their purpose and soul gifts but most importantly connect to them and embody them.


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