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Thank you.

My Story

Thank you for visiting my page.

I am a Chaka Runa, which means “bridge human” in Quechua. 

After my spiritual awakening, that I call “rebirth” in Colombia in the middle of a Sacred Plants Ceremony I reconnected to the Chaman within me, that ancestral part of my Soul, with it my channeling gifts, that have been there from childhood but where closed down out of fear of now knowing what do with them. I connect the Stars (Astrology) & the Earth (Energy healing & channeling)

Today I know there are here to serve others and after that moment I have been recognizing, cultivating and sharing my gifts, that are mainly channeling, clairaudience and energy transmission through energy healing,  words, sounds and music to assist people to live more authentic, joyful and empowered lives.

Chaka Runa


My Approach

I work both with individuals (Soul Reading, Astro Soul Reading, Mind Alchemy) and groups.

Every Session is different.

On all Sessions I open the space to connect with your Soul, Higher Self and my Guides to see what needs to come through right now for your highest good and evolution, there transmission of information, energy clearing and possible post exercise to continue the work.

On Groups I create gatherings, meditations and spaces of Creativity, spaces of connection, creation and liberation.

My heart’s desire is to plant seeds in those I work with that will grow through time.

Listen to your Soul
it knows the way.

On a more personal side.

I am Mexican and Turkish and have been in Europe for more than 17 years. I am a photographer both of personal brand, fashion and lifestyle, you can check here my work. 

I am right now studying passionately along side musicians of medicine and shamanic music and learning from the Elders. I love Porangui, Ludovico Eunadi & Imagine Dragons. 

My dream is to hold large ceremonies in sacred lands.

I love to travel and that is my biggest inspiration. 

I love nature and spend most of my time there.

I love dark chocolate, pizza a la truffe and good glass of Primitivo.

I have a Cat called Harry I adore. 


Yavi, La Chamana


My mission is to connect you with the Love, Wisdom & Power of your Soul.

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