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"Everything you need is in the center of your being.

I am just here to remind you."

Yavidan Violeta

My Story

​My passion is to assist people on connecting to their essence (magic), their purpose, their power, their creativity so they can live fulfilling authentic lives. As well as sharing knowledge and tools to improve people's lives.


After many years of living various lives working in Advertising, Fashion, Journalism, Design and Photography, living in Mexico, France, Italy and Turkey.In all I was doing I was trying to find purpose, belonging and happiness, which I did not fully find which led me to some frustrating jobs, relationships and existence, taking me in an inner and outer journey to find the answers I was seeking. Understanding at last that all I need was inside of me and you.

Until I decided it was time to align with my deep calling to help others in their journey all I have experienced and learnt through the years. I studied and obtained certificates in Astrology, Human Design, Meditation, Quantum Physics, and Theta Healing, but most importantly developed a relationship with the intuitive world,  where many important answers are waiting. If you want to know more about my tool kit go here


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My Approach

Today I  give Intuitive Creative Coaching & Theta Healing sessions. Putting into practice and service all I have.

I am currently creating coaching groups in Spanish and English to assist as many people as I can to recognize and reconnect with their true essence (soul)

My Method

After several years of working with people I have developed my technique where I mix Astrology, Energy, Intuition and Rituals, this unique mix permits me to reach different parts of your personality to work in a more complete way.

In sessions I consult  Astrology in an intuitive-transpersonal way to get understanding of what is provoking the situation you come for, where the origins of recurring patterns and problems are

Taking specific ritual from a session (long sessions mainly) you continue the work at home, you continue transmuting and activate your own healing and guidance power.

Most rituals are related to nature, the four elements.

Using psychic abilities I connect to the situation, and receive messages from your should and guides that are useful in the present moment. I am a channel for the advice your higher self or guides would give you.

I use this mainly on Theta healing but sometimes it comes in a regular session.

With Energy we transmute blocks and beliefs. Using many times the power of the word.  

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