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Soul Alchemy

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This is a Six week journey we will take together to help you birth

a dream, a new reality, a "New" you, a more Aligned, Creative Powerful You. Because this is deep work, for those commited to Be and Create their Highest Reality.

What is Soul Alchemy?

It is 6 session Program, expanded in two months and a half. 

A journey of Self Knowledge, Liberation, Transformation and Creation.

Here we open a container together for transformation that can't be done through separate sessions alone. 

It includes:

1. Astro Soul Reading

2. Three Mind Alchemy Sessions 

3. Custom Visualization Meditation "Embodying the New reality", I only offer this Session to people on my programs, as more than a visualization it is energy work.

4. Bonus follow up Session to tune up.

5. Mail support.

It is time to reveal and live from your Magic, Truth & Power

Yavidan Violeta

This is not a "coaching" program.

In the period of time we work together I will create a container of transformation for you, a container to give birth to a new reality by becoming a new person, anchored in its Soul and with aligned beliefs and vibration to create the new. 

Tropical Leaves

"Working with Yavidan created a space for me to discover who I am, feel safe and liberate old beliefs and fears that where holding me back. She has helped embody a more powerful version of myself, that has always been there but was not connected to her."

Layla, Valencia

This is for You if?

If you want to Create a reality that is more aligned with your deep true desires and authentic Self.  

If you are ready to accept and liberate what has been holding you back to allow yourself to create and attract this reality. 

If you have had enough of living a half life where you are wondering if there is more.

If you are ready to live from your Power.

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550 Euros

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