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Individual Sessions

When you align your personality to your Soul's gifts, purpose and power

your life becomes an extraordinary adventure.


Astro Soul Reading

Your Astrological Birth Chart is the Map of your Soul. In this map we can see insightful information about your purpose, soul gifts, your evolution plan and lessons.

Soul Reading

Some of our most aligned guidance and clarity comes from the Soul. In this reading I connect to your Soul through my Guides, Higher Self and Oracle to bring you the clarity  you need. 

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Energy & Mind Alchemy

Changing our beliefs changes our life, but to go deeper we have to change or (alchemize) the mind, the source of our beliefs and thoughts on the first place. I created a new method using Thetahealing, Tapping and breath work to do this. 

Six Week Program

Soul Alchemy

To bring your dreams into reality and align yourself with your highest destiny I invite you to a Six week program where we will go deep, connecting to your Soul, liberating beliefs and patterns, creating new beliefs and Bring a New you, that creates a New Life, the life you know it there for you in your heart. 

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