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Energy & Mind Alchemy

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When you change your beliefs, you change your life. 

A step further is changing the mind, deprogramming the main programs that are the source of those beliefs, "the mother board". These beliefs also provoque blocks in your body and energy that can be released to liberate your creative power. 

Because of travel and time zones all bookings now are made via mail or whatspp +34.663.65.60.46.

What is Mind Alchemy?

After studying several techniques I developed my own methodology  where I mix, thetahealing, tapping, breath work and 7-21 day ritual.

The difference between you living the reality you want or being what you want can be one simple belief, that yes maybe simple but that needs to be acknowledged, accepted and then liberated.

Everything is transmutable (alchemized), as everything is mind, inspired on Thetahealing (which is part of this technique), this uses the power of the word which later you can use after the session to transmute beliefs, but with me I will help you locate those beliefs through intuitive guidance and the present moment to transmute that is now hindering the highest expression of your life.


“The Truly Wise Knowing the nature of the Universe, use Law against laws, the higher against the lower, and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph”

"The Kybalion" 

Types of Beliefs we
can work with?

  1. Childhood & Experience beliefs, these ones can happen in just one event supported by other small ones beliefs, common feelings of “unworthiness” or “not enough” come from memories like this one.

  2. Ancestral and Lineage beliefs, these ones come as unconscious inheritance in our lives they are creating and energy field where you are attracting a pattern in relationships, work or money that in some way has been lived an unresolved by past generations before you.

  3. Collective beliefs, these ones are created by the society you most interacted with in your childhood or school years, many are gender and social oriented, “You should have this kind of life by this age”… also the influence of the medias enter here.

Fern Plant
“"My last session with Yavidan was very powerful,
the days after of our session, many out of the ordinary things happened related to the belief we worked in our session, it is as though what moved in me, moved the people involved in the matter .”

Valeria, Madrid

What happens in during a Session?

  1. We have a short conversation on the reason you want your session.

  2. We do a bit of breath work to ancher the body in the present.

  3. I take you into a meditative theta state where I connect to your energy field through the creator* and your higher self , we scan your energy body and see what are the beliefs and where they may be in the body if relevant.

  4. We will do a tapping to ground in your body the core of the new belief.

  5. I download the work to be done to ground your New Belief that replaces the old one and creates a new way of Being and Behaving. 


"Within us is the power that creates worlds, why not use it to transform ourselves into our most majestic version."

This Session is perfect for you if?

  1. You want to know yourself better, have more sense, clarity, direction.

  2. You are in a key moment on your life and need some guidance.

  3. You want to understand a certain repetitive pattern in an area of your life.

  4. If you want guidance to change something in your life and you don’t know how.



88 Euros

Because of travel and time zones all bookings now are made via mail or whatspp +34.663.65.60.46.

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