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Astro Soul Reading

(Destiny & Birthday)

Your Astrological Birth Chart is the Map of your Soul.

In this map we can see insightful information about your purpose,

soul gifts, your evolution plan and lessons.

When you are conscious of this information you have powerful tools to understand better your reality and create one that is more aligned with your Soul.

For the moment because of traveling right no, bookings are made by email or whatsapp +663.65.60.46

What is an Astro Soul Reading?

In an Astro Soul Reading we use your Birth Chart to give you guidance in the present moment. We can answer important questions you may have today related to your personal, professional and romantic life.

I base my work on Esoteric Astrology that is based on the Purpose of the Soul in this life's journey and it's contribution to the whole.

I connect to your chart through the spectrum of your Soul and Guides to give you on one side information that will be of use for you today and on the other an energetic feel of what your Soul needs today giving you applicable rituals, tools exercises to continue the work after a session.

What happens in a Session?

It is a 60 minutes session.

  1. We take a look at a glance at the top aspects on your chart: Soul Purpose, Soul Gifts, important Lessons etc.

  2. We see your chart for the key information that will be useful today according to your questions and relevant in time in a longer time frame.

  3. I connect to your Soul and Guides to see what is most needed now, you may be surprised is not the answer you where looking for, but you will feel it in a Soul level. Here there can be energy work involved.

  4. I give you clear guidance and tools for the present and next months. Here I combine with one or two oracles. I call this Soul Coaching.

  5. I create a one page resume (Limited offer) with the oracle card or cards with a mantra to be with you in the following months.

I recommend you to record the session and listen more than once as it will help you in the following months.

Fern Plant
“"I am not into Astrology or Readings but the Session with Yavidan changed my mind. It was very insightful and practical, Yavidan gave me advice that I have been applying in my life and seeing wonderful changes, I also gave one session to my Mom for her Birthday and she was very happy, It is a great gift. .”

Sara, Paris

This Session is perfect for you if?

  1. You want to know yourself better, have more sense, clarity, direction.

  2. You are in a key moment on your life and need some guidance.

  3. You want to understand a certain repetitive pattern in an area of your life.

  4. If you want guidance to change something in your life and you don’t know how.

What is the difference between a Destiny and Solar Return Session?

The Destiny Session covers a the Complete Chart and the Present moment, and the Solar Return or Birthday is done as it names states it for the current year of brith, see the energies for this year, the areas of focus, what your Soul wants you to put your Energy in, there are years for relationships, others for careers, you have information to make the best of this energies on your journey of evolution.


120 € (Destiny edition)

     100 € (Solar Return - Brithday)

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