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Activate your Intuition
Sunday, May 12TH 
7 pm Madrid, Paris, Berlin
10 am Baja California



There is a voice that knows the way. 

As you learn to follow it

your life becomes a magical adventure. 

Forest Aerial View

What are you going to learn in this workshop?

1. What is intuition?

2. The types of intuition?

3. How to distinguish between intuition & mind?

4. We will do a Meditation, Activation so that you are more connected to your Intuition.

5. We will do a group or creative exercise.

After this two-hour workshop, you will have reconnected with your intuition and will have practical ideas on how to follow it.
Cost 25 €

Information and Reservation:
whatsapp +34.663.656046
payment via paypal


This Workshopr is perfect for you if?

  1. You are in a key moment on your life and need some guidance.

  2. You want to know more about how to harness the power of your intuition.

  3. If you want to distinguish when is your mind speaking and know how your intuition is different.

  4. You want a life that flows and is more aligned. 

  5. You want to learn to use it in your daily life or bigger manifestaions. 

Countryside Road
“Yavidan's workshops are practical, fun and creative, she makes complex concepts, very simple.”

Magda, Valencia

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