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 It is time to Unleash the

Power of your Soul.

Through my Astro Soul readings, healings & experiences, I give you Clarity and Tools to know more about your Soul's purpose & potential to create your highest Destiny.

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About Me

I am Yavidan, I am an Intuitive, my life’s mission is to guide and accompany people to connect to their inner wisdom and power, in other words to live your highest potential. I believe that the key of our true fulfillment in this life comes when we are able to fully express our potential and lead authentic empowered lives. But for that we must recognize it within. We need to know our true selves.

Letter from the Stars

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Beautiful Nature

Work with Me

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Astro Soul Reading (Destiny & Solar Return)

Your Astrological Birth Chart is the Map of your Soul. In this map we can see insightful information about your purpose, soul gifts, your evolution plan and lessons.

Soul Reading

Your Soul has the answers you need today. 

Through my guides and higher Self we connect to clarify and heal.

Energy & Mind  Alchemy

When you change your mind, the source of your beliefs and thoughts, you change your life. When you unblock your energy you liberate energy to create your reality.

To know your Self is to Empower Your Self.
To know your Self is to Liberate yourself.
To know your Self is to Live in your Highest Potential.

Yavidan Violeta

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April 29th, 7PM, Central Europe Time

Activate your Intuition

Live workshop to activate your intuition & create an Extraordinay Life.


Two month individual & group transformation

Soul Alchemy 

We will work together for six weeks in the process to help you create a more aligned, empowered, creative reality.

This is not a coaching program it is a transformational experience. Within we find our core "New way" of being and creating our reality

Tropical Plant
Yavidan blew me away.
My session with her shed light on what has been kept in the shadows for too long out of comfort, out of fear.   A session where I left with concrete avenues to explore in order to let emerge what must be expressed as obvious. And as a bonus, the radiant energy of Yavidan!

Bertrand, Paris


Workshops, Retreats & Experiences.

More information.


Sacred Pachamama 

We are creating a unique way of traveling to be launched in 2024, where nature, healing, joy and the sacred take us on a journey to remember the power and wisdom of the Soul. Peru will be first.

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