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« Your life becomes a Magic dance when you align with your Soul and your Purpose »

Let's get you aligned

Weekly Soul Oracle

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About Me

I am Yavidan and my life’s mission is to guide and accompany people in their journey of Self Realization. I believe that the key of our true fulfillment in this life comes when we are able to fully express our potential and lead authentic empowered lives.

Being a seeker myself I have studied various methods to create my own by mixing intuitively : Astrology, Tarot, Gene Keys, Thetahealing, Creative Theraphy and Life Coaching. Along side the methods I use intuition and channeling to guide individuals and groups during consultations.

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Work with me

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North Star Session:
My Soul’s Direction, Strengths and Challenges

As a symbol your North Star path is the one with more fulfillment and purpose.

In these session we will use Soul Astrology to see the map of your Soul the moment of your birth (Birth Chart) & Intuition...

Unleash Your Soul’s Destiny
(Individual & Group)

If you lived the highest potential, what would it look like?

If you fully owned your strengths and used them in your life, value them enough to polish them and use them to serve others?


Theta Healing® is a healing technique that works on a subconscious level, tapping into the theta brainwave which occurs just before falling asleep or waking up.

It is an empowering process that creates change on all levels...

Activations, Workshops...

Moon Activations to connect to the Energy of the month and thrive, Intuition & Creativity Workshops and much more. 

My purpose it to accompany you to reveal and embody your highest expression & potential by reconnecting to your Soul, your true essence.


Yavidan blew me away.
My session with her shed light on what has been kept in the shadows for too long out of comfort, out of fear.   A session where I left with concrete avenues to explore in order to let emerge what must be expressed as obvious. And as a bonus, the radiant energy of Yavidan!

Bertrand (Paris)

Yavidan is a rare combination of creativity, intuition and entrepreneurship, and she loves to share skills with the world. In that sense she has found a great mix of tools to covey her message, and therefore a session with her is a great coaching experience.

Alejandra (Madrid)

Through my soul session with Yavidan I saw my current situation from another perspective. I loved how she mixes tools and her intuition. 
It all had accuracy and insight. Plus giving me my take home ritual that allowed me to continue my process at home.

Maria (Madrid)

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