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" No one is You, that is your power"

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Creative, Photographer and Public Speaker, Yavidan has a passion to inspire and empower others to follow their truth. Her background (Mexican and Turkish), the fact that she has lived in Paris for the past twelve years and her extensive international work make her a true citizen of the world, giving her the opportunity to understand different cultures and philosophies.
She is a diligent and curious soul seeker and student of The Course of Miracles.
To compliment her creative career in fashion as a photographer and consultant she decided to follow her calling to extend her passion to communicate knowledge, ideas and possibilities through her podcast and You Tube Channel "Divine Call" one of the first channels with a bilingual host addressing both subjects in English and Spanish. With the whole hearted mission to contribute that more people have insights and inspiration to have empowered, fulfilling and creative lives.
She also gives one to one sessions to coach people.