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Soul Reading

Your Soul has the highest answer.

In this Session I open the space to receive the information and energy of your Soul and Higher Self.

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What is a Soul Reading?

It is a Session that after a short meditation and breath I connect to the information that your Soul has available now through our guides and Higher Self. 

Every Session is different.

We address whatever situation is right now taking your energy, where you would like some clarity and answers. 

It will give you a sense of direction with actionable tools that today can make a difference in your path.

What happens in a Session?

It is a 30 or 60 minutes session.​​

  1. I connect to your Soul and Guides to see what is most needed now, you may be surprised is not the answer you where looking for, but you will feel it in a Soul level. 

  2. There may be an Energy clearing work included if there is a clear block you are experimenting right now, using one of my tools.

  3. I give you clear guidance and tools for the present and next months. Here I combine with one or two oracles.

  4. I create a one page souvenir with the oracle card or cards with a mantra to be with you in the following months.

I recommend you to record the session and listen more than once as it will help you in the following months.

This Session is perfect for you if?

  1. You are in a key moment on your life and need some guidance.

  2. You want to understand a certain repetitive pattern in your life.

  3. If you want guidance to change something in your life and you don’t know how.

  4. If you want to improve an area of your life .

  5. If you are in a crossroad moment.

“The Soul reading was filled with love and insight, I needed clarity on important decisions in my life, after the session I saw things in a way that helped me take the next steps.”

Carol, Valencia



30 min - 44 Euros

60 min - 88 Euros

Because of traveling and time zones all bookings are made via mail: and whatsapp +34.663.65.60.46.

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