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October 18th


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About Me

I am Yavidan, I am an Intuitive, my life’s mission is to guide and accompany people to connect to their inner wisdom and power, in other words to live your highest potential. I believe that the key of our true fulfillment in this life comes when we are able to fully express our potential and lead authentic empowered lives. But for that we must recognize it within. We need to know our true selves.

Being a seeker myself I have studied various methods to create my own by mixing intuitively : Astrology, Oracles, Gene Keys, Thetahealing, Creative Theraphy and Life Coaching

To know your Self is to Empower Your Self.
To know your Self is to Liberate yourself.
To know your Self is to Live in your Highest Potential.

Yavidan Violeta

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