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I am Yavidan, Creative Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Artist.

We live in a time when life asks us to reinvent ourselves multiple times, to define our truth, connect to our heart's desire and pave our path to our vision and dreams. My mission is to support you in this journey, to inspire and empower you from your soul, clarifying your truth, connecting to your power and talents, defining a plan and vision. My style of coaching mixes creative, practical and spiritual tools,

I believe that if we want to create real sustainable change and growth in our life we have to work from within, finding our treasures, recognizing our strengths as bringing to consciousness the patterns and believes that may be limiting us. My work is holistic looking at all these aspects. 



Coaching with me



to Elevate

Unleash Your Creativity

A unique program to take you in the journey of unleashing your creativity and most authentic self, to create the life you came here to create. 

One to one Creative Coaching

My mission is to support you to create a life or  business that are authentic, creative, powerful, and that through it you serve, impact and inspire the world around you.

Public Speaking & Communication

Either by working with me directly or joining my program "Communicate to Elevate", we will take your personal communication to a level where it is not only authentic, but it is impactful and inspiring.


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I would  like to recommend with all my heart, Yavidan. She coached me to find clarity in my professional life. I was in a moment of important decisions of where to go and what to do. With few sessions she could give me the clarity  and the good feeling where to put my energy and what it was perfect for me. 

Thanks a lot Yavidan!

Luciana, France

A special thanks to Yavidan. We had several sessions together. I needed  to handle my emotions that are sometimes too strong. Thanks to her, I find the way and technique to get distance and see things from another perspective, giving me a whole picture of different situations. Her use of EFT really helped me gain clarity and release of uncomfortable emotions and fears. 

I feel more free now!

Mariana, Mexico

Thank  to Yavidan, your tools, advices and exercises really helped me go further and achieve my inner goal. 

I want to publish my book and thanks to the authors and mantra you recommended I am on the path, Nothing will stop me! 

I have started writing again, through your coaching you decrypted the belief that was stopping me from writing more but also showing my work publicly. Which now I do through my Instagram account.

Sonia, Paris

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Coaching with me...

I work with three main tools: Astrology, Creativity, PNL, Communication and Intuition my main objective is to help you align yourself with your deepest dreams and purpose, potentiate the gifts and treasures you have and transform the beliefs and patterns that have limited you until now. If I could resume my intention is to assist you on connecting to your soul and its highest potential.