Your limiting beliefs are memories installed beyond your mind in your body. These beliefs are limiting your life, once you make them conscious you start opening to new possiblities of healing and making your highest desires a reality.

Change your beliefs, Change your Life.

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What is Thetahealing?



TethaHealing® is a technique developed by Vianna Stibal. It is a healing technique that works on your energy and body.

Theta Healing® is a healing technique that works on a subconscious level, tapping into the theta brainwave which occurs just before falling asleep or waking up.  It is an empowering process that creates change on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Theta Healing® looks at the limiting beliefs, patterns  and feelings we carry, from our childhood, our ancestral line, past lives and genetic memory, held in our subconscious, and has the ability to create instant, positive change.

What are the benefits of Thetahealing?

Theta Healing® can bring quantic transformation to all aspects of our lives, it can be applied to:

·    Remove and clear old fears, shocks and traumas .

·    Clear negative subconscious ‘programs’ and beliefs that hold us back.

·    Promote a greater level of wellbeing

·    Free ourselves from unwanted repeating patterns of behaviour that used to keep us stuck

·     Achieve a more positive and uplifting outlook

·    Create and accept Abundance

·    Increase confidence, clarity, self esteem and creativity

·    Develop psychic and intuitive abilities

·    Deepen spiritual connection

·    Improve relationships

·    Clear spaces from negative energy

·    Attract positive manifestations and experiences into our daily life

·    Live life from a place of being empowered and of following our true potential

·    Connect to infinite love and the field of inifinite possibilities.


What does Theta Healing® look like in a session?

Theta Healing® can be done in person or over the phone or skype. We will look at what your limiting beliefs and feelings are,  how they relate to the reoccurring patterns in your life and what positive change you would like to invite into your life.

You will either sit or lie down with your eyes closed whist the practitioner will tap into the theta brainwave and through a series of commands will release and replace limiting beliefs with positive ones. The subconscious is very simple. It agrees with everything we say which is why it reacts very well to commands.

Cost of Session

88 Euros

77 Euros

In Package 3 / 231 Euros Total 

I had session with Yavidan. It’s not only about astrology, it’s a reading of my challenges and strenghts, and recommendations aligned with who I really am, like my soul would send me a letter and tell me what « she » would like me to do, to be lighter and stronger. 

- VALERIE (Paris)


I want to recommend Yavidan with all my heart. Thanks to a Thetahealing session with her, I could understand important energetic blockages, I could have direct guidance from the creator and my soul. It was very powerful, Yavidan is highly connected, heart opened and the session went with love and emphatic. A breeze of Joy"

- LUCIANA (Costa Rica)

Through my soul session with Yavidan I got great insight about my life, I understood patterns that I have been carrying that have limited my full potential, as well as other insights about my soul's lessons and talents that will enrich my life. As a compliment Yavidan gave key practices to work on my own after the session so I can ground the information

- NATHALIE (Paris)