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Unleash Your Soul’s Destiny Mentorship


Let's create a new reality aligned with your soul...

If you lived your highest potential, what would it look like?

If you fully owned your strengths and used them in your life, value them enough to polish them and use them to serve others?

If you healed the core wounds or tensions that are limiting you, by becoming more conscious and having the right tools?

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What is it?

This is my one to one Master mentorship where I work with you for a period of three months to assist you in transforming an aspect or various aspects of your life that you want to transform or an aspect of your reality that you want to create and need guidance, support and accountability.


The base of this work will always be the North Star session that is included in the package if you have not done it and from there establish together your vision for the next three months using a set of different tools from creative visualization, creative release, art therapy and theta healing.


This goes beyond coaching is a transformative experience.

This program is for you if?

  • You want to transform your life or a certain aspect that has been stuck and in the frustration area for a long time

  • If you want to truly be guided and accompanied in creating a more aligned life with your soul.

  • If you are ready to take serious steps into creating the life of your dreams, saying yes to yourself and life.

  • You want to be empowered through knowledge, awareness and action 

For more information if this is for you?
This package is limited and by application.
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What it includes?

​In a period of three months we will work through together all these elements, order may change according to the guidance we get, this work is alive as we do it, I will be guided to the best combination for you and the result you want to get. 


Goal setting: What area do we want to transform?

  • Where are you now related to your goals

  • What has been limiting you

  • What have been your strengths

  • What habits have been helping and holding you back

  • The base of the vision

Creative release:

  • Meditation

  • Time to create and share your ideal your vision

  • Homework - finish exercise: define & concrete your ideal you

Create the vision:

  • Review ideal you vision from previous session

  • Visualization - taking your def from ex 1 + intuitive insights to design your future vision

  • Deliverable: recording of the visualization

  • Exercise: implement an habit in your everyday life aligned with your future self and time vault script back from your future self

Theta Healing:

  • We’ll work out a major block distancing you from your vision

  • Exercise: ritual to ground the theta healing work and keep documenting yourself

Breach session:

  • Where we’re at and what do we need from now on

  • Choose your best exercise from the previous ones

Program’s end:

  • Key tools to continue your journey


  • Acompañamiento por email y resolución de dudas durante el proceso


 - Transformation is not a future event,
it is a day by day process, where being, thinking and acting in a certain way will lead you to extraordinary results. 
My mission is to guide you to polish that day to day with different tools in such a way you will not recognize yourself and your life after three months. -

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