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From Creative to Creator

I believe that creativity is the language of the soul, as intuition guides us through our life being the other language of our soul, creativity is its expression , it is unique in each one of us. No one can create anything you we do.


As you connect to your creativity you connect to your essence and what it wants to bring into the world, and to your creative power.


Many people think they are not “creative” because as many things modern society has put many concepts around it, definitions and conditions, as though only a “happy few” can be called creative. 


Our modern systems of education and work have not developed our creativity to the contrary they have tried to put us in “boxes” so we can fit in, be quiet, be safe and don’t disturb. 


Creativity is in all of us, it is part of our “Divine DNA”, we just need to connect to it, activate it and let it play a role in our life, it does not mean we all have to make a living out of it, we may, but it means we own it and use it, to make our lives more authentic to express ourselves truly and open to life’s inspiration. 


I created the Unleash your Creativity challenge during the quarantine in the COVID-19 pandemic because I wanted to help people connect to themselves and have fun in these uncertain times, so they took the opportunity of being in “lock down” to become creative, to discover things about themselves and to be in community with others sharing their work and impressions. It was the first time I digitally did such a thing and was so happily surprised to see people engaged, happy creating and completing 11 challenges! Between Instagram/ Facebook lives, meditations and reflections. But most importantly, all told me they got in touch in with their creativity, they did not know they had that creativity in them and that they felt great doing the exercises and participating in the community. 


This has  motivated me to get creative and do the challenges 3 to 4 times a year with themes that change where the core of the message will always be Unleash your creativity, but we will direct the energy to create abundance, to connect to the soul, to create the life you want. 


There will be 2 challenges in Spanish and 2 challenges in English every year. You can participate from anywhere in the world


During each challenge you will have mini conferences/master class, meditations and of course exercises. 


The challenge lasts a month and includes:


4 Forty Five minutes Live Classes on themes related to the challenge, sometimes featuring a special guest. 

4 Challenges 

2 Meditations you can keep forever related to the challenge

1 Free Bonus Preparation challenge and meditation


Price: 30 Euros ( 5 Euros will donated La Bande de Musica an association that supports children in Oaxaca Mexico to learn music and be part of an Orchestra).


Next Challenges 


Unleash your Creativity Mars 2020 (English) 

Theme: Make 2021 a Masterpiece 

Space is Limited, 

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