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Spirit Animal Reading

Besides us there are angels, beings of light and one or two

Spirit animals, guiding us, protecting us &

connecting us to other worlds.


What is a Spirit Animal session?

This is one of my unique sessions.

Everyone has a Totem animal or Power animal, they are allies of our Soul and guides in our destiny.

Like angles we have one or two that will be together all our lives as they are connected to the essence of our soul, the life path we chose and the work that we came here to do.

We also have others that will appear in certain times of our lives and guide us with their unique powerful qualities.

In this unique reading I connect to your main Totem and others that could be present and give you the guidance that comes through for this particular moment of your life.

It is my shortest offering as mostly it lasts 30 minutes, their messages are very clear and short but very powerful.

This Session is for you if:

  • If you want are curious or attracted to connect to your Totem.

  • If you need guidance on a particular issue in your life that needs clarity or simply de moment you are in.

  • If you want to connect and embody some of your natural instinctive gifts that are connected to your Totem animal.

What to expect?

  • After this session you will have more clarity about your current situation.

  • You will know which one is your Totem animal and what qualities he is inviting you to bring into your life.

  • You will have concrete information and tools for the next steps to take from where you are now.

  • You will have more clarity on key aspects of your Soul and its divine plan.

What Happens in a Session?

  • We will do a short meditation to connect with your Totem.

  • I will share with you all the messages I got related to the reason you consulted the session.

  • We will answer additional questions if there is still time.

  • Duration 40 minutes

The Session with Yavidan was very powerful, I did not know much about Spirit animals, yet the message was so concrete, useful and accurate that it gave light to my current situation.

Jo, Paris


40 Euros

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