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Soul Entrepreneur Coaching

"Your mission is bigger than any fear or block, the world needs you and your gifts"

What is it and for who?

Are you in the sidelines of fully stepping in your new business as a Coach, Therapist, Counselor, Yoga teacher, Teacher in any wellness or spiritual subject, Inspirational Content Creator.

Do you have impostor syndrome?

Are you afraid to show up on camera and share your gifts and knowledge?

You lack clarity on your message and your offering?

I can help you, I mix both practical knowledge, tools in communications, marketing and advertising as well as spiritual and intuitive tools to know more about you, your message and your energy and Mindset.

In one or several sessions I will help you go from Indecision to Conviction that your work is needed in the world, that people out there are indeed waiting for you to fully step into your mission as you are right now.

Clarity Session

One of your major blocks has been clarity on your offering and your message. In this session we will ask core questions, to reframe your offering and message as well we will see if there are limiting beliefs and work in them and leave you with a clear concept and more powerful mindset to continue your work.

Clarity is Power.

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Quantum Jump

You have been wanting to start for months even years but you just not been able to either because you have not been clear, have impostor syndrome, are terrified to show up fully and all that it implies from being afraid to show up on camera or photo, to fully embody this new professional path of what people who know might thing. In this Session I will help you tear up the wall and open the way.

Quantum Jump

What to Expect and for who?

Do you feel stuck in your entrepreneurship?


Do you have such a perfectionist inside you or impostor syndrome that you don’t manage to start?

This session is for you.

We will go through what are the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and we will transform them into new was of thinking that are useful for you and your business.

I will connect to your guides to understand more about those beliefs and what you are invited to do also in your daily life to change them.

My Intention is that after this session or a couple of them you feel fully confident and inspired to take the action you need for yourself and your business.

I will use intuition, astrology and branding to assist you.

The session is by zoom and is 60-75 minutes.

Cost: 77Euros

Clarity Session

What to Expect and for who?

Are you lacking clarity on your offering and message?

You already have an offering and your main message is out there but you feel that is not getting you the results you want or it is not aligned with who you are right now?

Do you feel stuck when it comes to presenting yourself and what you do both on your website and social media?

This session is for you.

This session is for those people who are ready to embark on Soul entrepreneurship, being a Coach or a Healer but are not fully clear on their offering and message.

Maybe there are too many ideas, don’t know how to present one self and what we do.

Both through intuitive guidance and practical branding and business advice we will bring you the clarity you need to take future steps, as well as clear actionable ideas on how to present your self and your offering.

This session is both intuitive and strategic it takes into account that you are creating a business and the practicalities it need but has that Soul Foundation.

The sessions are by zoom are normally 60 -75 minutes.

Cost: 70 Euros

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