Soul Session

You are in a moment where you need guidance, clarification, affirmation. Know yourself better, your circumstances and perceive the possibilities in front of you.

Rock Maze

One of my most creative offerings. Here according to the guidance I get I will use one or two tools : Astrology, Tarot or Ritual, to assist you in your situation and help you get clarity and move to the next level of your current situation. It is a powerful experience as we go deep to the message of your soul in the present moment and your current situations. You are the master of your reality, you just need to understand why you are where you are and remember you have the ultimate power in creating your reality. 

Duration: 60 min

Cost: 70 Euros

I had session with Yavidan. It’s not only about astrology, it’s a reading of my challenges and strenghts, and recommendations aligned with who I really am, like my soul would send me a letter and tell me what « she » would like me to do, to be lighter and stronger. 

- VALERIE (Paris)


Yavidan is a rare combination of creativity, intuition and entrepreneurship, and she loves to share skills with the world. In that sense she has found a great mix of tools to covey her message, and therefore a session with her is a great coaching experience.

- ALEJANDRA (Madrid)

Through my soul session with Yavidan I got great insight about my life, I understood patterns that I have been carrying that have limited my full potential, as well as other insights about my soul's lessons and talents that will enrich my life. As a compliment Yavidan gave key practices to work on my own after the session so I can ground the information

- NATHALIE (Paris)