Book Description


I believe we live in a time where being "creative" is essential.

We are meant to all in our own unique way create, starting with our lives.

That is what makes a Creative become a Creator.

Creatives or Creators don't have to be a painter, musician or poet, but they have to be in contact with creativity.

In these 100 pages to take to through a Journey of Creativity, redefining the meanings of Art, Artist, Masterpiece, Creator among others.

Advice on how to connect to your Creativity and detect what limits your Creativity.

and many surprises.

I wanted to create an experience.

Through the book there will be links to meditations, recordings that go along the text and some playlists I prepared to stir up that Creativity.

My intention with this book is exactly what the title says to "Unleash your Creativity", my desire is you will be inspired to do so.


About Author


Yavidan Violeta is an inspirational speaker, coach, photographer and designer. Through her creative life and her work supporting others she has seen the power of connecting to one's creativity, to lead a life that is authentic, adventurous and courageous. On a deeper level she believes and has confirmed with numerous artists that connecting to your creativity, connects you to your soul. This is also what Creativity did for me.

It is her mission to spread the message and the ways to inspire people to connect to their creativity, live from their hearts, living an authentic life and yes making this world more inspired :).

Unleash your Creativity