Private Sessions



Soul Mantra

Your own  inner Yoda reveals the bite of wisdom you need right now.

A short yet deep session/reading. As you send your question, birth information I send you back a 5 channeled 5 minute recording, plus what I call the Mantra of your Soul which resumes its message to you now. I connect to your essence and create one recording and one graphic phrase for you to keep.

This is short but goes to the core of what you need right now and you keep a unique token with the graphic.


Soul Session 

Here si go deep in the present moment, your main concern in an area of your life from relationships to professional, to larger subject like purpose and self love. 



Creative Session

A special session for creatives that have specific needs and concerns to develop their creativity, bring their creations to the world and lose the fear of showing up in the world as they are with their work.


Theta Healing

As we know what is the status quo in our life, healing trauma, emotions or changing beliefs is the next step to clear the way to our authentic power and connection to our true desires, remembering that we can choose what we want in life and no longer be led by others beliefs and desires.