My Story

It is a bit long... but it will be fun

I have been a creative since I was a child, yet for half of my life I did what everyone expected from me, from my parents to society, I went to school, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I was convinced to study marketing because they told me "you can always make clothes but you need to know how to sell them". My creativity and it's role in my life and my purpose was mostly buried on the "shoulds" and limited beliefs that one can't live of one's creativity, one should find something to sell or makes you money, more than create something you love. Yet I always loved fashion, I was obsessed, I knew the name of every designer and the elite around it, my room instead of the latest Boy Band I had photos of Fashion shows and ads.

Yet...After studying Marketing in Tijuana, my first job was in customer service on a phone company, after almost getting depressed I changed jobs to advertising, as an account manager, where I could not still be creative but was in a creative industry that I enjoyed much more, but I was not fulfilled. I was trapped in the routine, sometimes crying on my way back home in the car, knowing there was something else for me and my dreams.

My turning point was when I came to Paris in. 2005 with a friend, I fell in love with the city, it was love at first sight, I decided in my heart : "I have to live in a city like this once in my life!" And because one does not know how long one will live, I did not wait, I moved in 2006, I left literally everything, to come to Paris, as an Au pair! because it was the only way I could afford it, my mother thought I was crazy, my father cheered and my friends thought it was the best decision ever, I did too. I was right!

I did not know how things would turn out but I knew I would find a way to stay and do something in fashion. I really can say I started from zero. Not knowing a soul, except the adopting family who lived in a town 40 minutes from Paris.

Still conditioned by the initial belief that one can't live of one's creativity , I went to study Marketing and Management of the Luxury Industry, hoping to work one day in fashion. In the middle of that my father passed away suddenly in an accident, which marked me deeply he was my best friend and it left me with the idea that one never knows how much time we have here, we better not waste it doing something we don't love or living a life that does not fulfill you.

Yet I continued my studies to be able to stay and work in Paris. I did two masters, almost three!! And I did not manage to get a job, I got many comments like "you are too creative", "too different", "your accent is weird", "not corporate enough"... I got depressed, stayed in bet a few days, until one day I went jogging and saw the crazy frenzy outside of a Chanel fashion show!... I went back running to the apartment to get a camera a friend lent me and I went to the next show, they let me in, with no invitation, it was Jean Charles Castelbajac, I was in the middle of my fashion dreams, there I had another turning point: photography, I fell in love, the creative in me, could create in one click, it was a partnership with the creative realm. That day I also met a journalist who now is a good friend who motivated me to create a blog: Violeta Purple, if you want to see the photos of that day , click here​. I share them with you, because that day I could affirm I was creative, all the rest of my life I was having "creative ideas" that never took form in the physical world. Photography took immediate form. This blog made many dreams come true from Fashion shows to celebrities, to serendipities, my creativity took me to be most of the time at the right place in the right moment, with the right spirit, that is why I believe creativity is s powerful it connects you to inspiration.

"Life changes in a moment, "a moment", one event, one meeting, one idea, only divine inspiration can provoque such a moment."

Fast Forward

I had my blog for almost 7 years but struggled to make a living of it because I had the typical creative syndromes (impostor, perfectionist and creative comparison) which is part of my "why" on my work as inspirational speaker and coach. I want people to get over that and show up with their creations, there is place for all and the world needs them. In. 2017 I started to get payed to do international photoshoots for German Magazine FAZ , having the opportunity to travel to Mexico, Venice, Sevilla to create unique stories, here you can see my work. In the meantime I designed Paris souvenir bags that are best sellers in the Louvre museum shop and Galeries Lafayette, and currently working to create collections for other museums. I also did until 2020 Social Media Consulting for one of the biggest fashion show production companies in the world, LMI.

I found a passion of public speaking and communication , through Toastmasters International , becoming semi-finalist and international competitor in Athens 2018 , this lead me to become an inspirational speaker and coach. Today I do all three activities, but hold dearly to the purpose of helping Creatives truly become Creators giving birth to their creations. I also remind people that creativity can take life in more than one activity to create several streams of income and not depend on one. I believe that, this is the future too and how we are invited to live in this ever changing world.