Coaching for Individuals

" My mission is to take you from Creative to Creator.


from Creativity to Creations"

As a Creative I don't have a cookie cutter approach, I have an alchemist approach, I believe in the practical and the spiritual to not say mystical, if you want to be creative you have to connect to that "invisible" field of inspiration, but also be grounded (practical). Because of this I have worked with a variety of  mentors to learn from the best: Julia CameronTony RobbinsJoe DispenzaGabrielle BernsteinMaria Jose FlaqueOliviero Toscani, Rebecca CampbellSonia ChouquetteCarla Coulson among many others ( I believe in investing in the best education) . I have also studied Astrology and Eft to assist on changing core beliefs and trauma that may be limiting your creativity. 

A part of lived in flesh the creative path, I have worked with all types of people to recognize the common patterns, from CEO's to movie directors, to aspiring writers, when it comes to creativity there are some very strong common points and have experience on addressing them. 

My mission is to help you connect to that inner Artist or "Creator" that is waiting to create its masterpiece, from his life, to his  creations. Transform anything that is on the way of doing that, from beliefs to procrastination. Lack of confidence to lack of skills. I am here to give that creativity wings to it can fly freely.

We will be a good fit if:


  • You are a creative that is frustrated because can't bring its creations into the world, because lack of clarity, confidence or organization. 

  • You have a clear creative project but you are stuck, either by limiting beliefs, lack of structure or plan. (writting a book, changing careers, creating a brand).

  • You are creating a personal brand and you don't know how to present yourself in a unique, authentic and effective way. 

  • You want to be more creative but you don't know how.

  • You need guidance on how to find your unique gifts and talents and how to use them.

  •  You think you are not creative and you want to explore how to get creative. 

In the Communication Area, We are a good fit if: 

  • In public speaking you lack confidence and this affects your delivery of speeches and presentations.

  • You want to become truly a speaker that connects to people in a way that causes emotion, inspiration and empowerment.

  • You feel intimidated to make videos to post on social media . 

The best is to book a free of charge 15 minutes call to explore the possibility of working together :). Write me here to book the appointment.