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North Star Session

 "In the Sky of Darkness be your own North Star"

As a symbol your North Star path is the one with more fulfillment and purpose.

In these session we will use Soul Astrology to see the map of your Soul the moment of your birth (Birth Chart) & Intuition. We will see the key aspects that are related with your purpose, strengths and biggest challenge (soul homework I like to call it). We will use intuition to see where are you today in this moment related to that chart and we finish with a grounding ritual or assignment you will take home to integrate the information received and continue the journey.

your North Star path is the one with more fulfillment and purpose.


Is it for you?

  • If you feel stuck in your life and you don’t know what do in general.

  • If you are struggling professionally because you are not fulfilled and you need clarity on where to go next, what could be new avenues for you, using your current experience and aligning them to your Soul’s plan.

  • If you have a repetitive pattern in relationships, work, or life in general and feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day.

What to expect?

  • After this session you will have more clarity about your current situation.

  • You will have concrete information and tools for the next steps to take from where you are now.

  • You will have more clarity on key aspects of your Soul and it’s divine plan.

  • You will feel reconnected to essential parts of your soul.

“I had session with Yavidan. It’s not only about astrology, it’s a reading of my challenges and strenghts, and recommendations aligned with who I really am, like my soul would send me a letter and tell me what « she » would like me to do, to be lighter and stronger. "

Valerie, Paris

How is the session?

  • We will take a look at your Birth chart (Map of the Soul).

  • We will detect your Soul gifts, purposes and biggest challenges.

  • By intuitive reading I will tell you what is most needed now for you to evolve. 

  • According to guidance I will give you a creative exercise or meditation to affirm all you lived in the session. 

  • I may offer if needed compliment services like Thetahealing to remove limiting beliefs  or Creative Visualization to take the session to another level. 


77 Euros*

Possibility to add Thetahealing Session for 70 Euros (Regular Cost: 88 Euros)



*Students and people in difficult situation : 65 Euros, contact me..

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