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Moon Activations

Every New Moon has the energy of the it’s sign, it is an opportunity to connect to the positive aspects of those signs and integrate them to bring the manifestations we desire in our lives.


Every Month the moon opens energy portals

These portals have an energy that when is harnessed it connects us to the natural intelligence of life, these activations are designed to align you with that energy, to align you with the creative energy of each particular month, so you can flow creating the reality you desire.

What is it about?

Every Month starting the Astrlogical year, we connect to the energy of the month related to the sign and element. We use that energy to set intentions and let these be infused in presence to activate their manifestation. Each activation is a mix of "inspired message" of the sign and element, meditation guidance and creative exercise to ground the experience and have something you can look at through the Moon cycle to connect to that energy. 

When and What happens during an activation?

Every New Moon and Full Moon, please check calendar below. 

Every session we will go though this experience:

  • Open the Space

  • Receive inspired message from the energy and element of the sign. 

  • Have a creative visualization to connect with energy. 

  • Creative Exercise to ground the energy and have something ro remind us in the month of our intention.

  • Moment to share and ask questions. We enjoy the interaction.

  • Everything lasts around 60 - 75 minutes. 

  • All online Sessions will be by Zoom.

  • Cost: By Donation (Suggested 10 Euros)

  • Space is limited reserve below:

Calendar March - September 2023

Connect. Alquimise. Create.

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