Mini Soul Message

Your Soul has a Mantra, key words that resonate with it to guide you in your path, to remember as you travel in your own unique journey. A short but powerful guidance.

See your life from a higher perspective.


My Inspiration


This offering came to me imagining one day, what if one day my soul came to drink coffee with me what would she want me to know?, so I become the highest expression of myself, so I see larger possibilities than the ones I am living and sometimes help me solve an important issue.

Not wanting a long message, but something deep and practical that resonates and inspires me towards reflection and action. 

For who is this offering?

 This offering is perfect for anyone who is starting this journey of connecting with their soul or inner magic I like to has a small question and needs an answer. 

Short and Sweet yet Powerful and Practical.

This is a perfect and original birthday gift, something to remember and could be of great help.

Once you make your order and send me your information, I will send you before seven days your 10 minute recording and Mantra/Message. See below the steps.


22.22 euros

Delivery time

7 days

Meditating in Mountains

How it works?



You send me: Name,date, time & place of birth. Main concern.


I create a 8 minute recording of he message I receive.


Create your personal

Soul Mantra poster just for you.


Send you, your reading within 7 days of requesting the offering;


Your personal Soul Mantra

"I did not know what to expect, in just 5 minutes Yavidan's reading shed light in an important question I had, but more than that I could hear the wiser part of me give me the advice I needed, the printable design was a cherry on the cake."

SARA, Costa Rica