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Unleash your Soul's Destiny Group Mentorship
Group (4-6 people)

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

Carl Jung


Group Dynamics helps us heal, grow and evolve together. After years of being in these groups, I see that one of the biggest things that hold us accountable is “the tribe” that is both container where we share our evolution as well as inspiration", seeing others growth becomes a gift.

Next edition starts:
Mars 21st 2022

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The Method

  1. There will be a session individually with each member (North Star Session), so we can have the status quo before starting the journey.

  2. We will go in a journey to connect to each Planet and harmonizing them in our chart, recognizing their force in our lives.

  3. Each Harmonization will be a live zoom that will be 2hrs long where we will have explanation, meditation and energetic/creative exercise to ground. You will have an assignment to take home.

  4. There will be a close up individual session where we will see your advancement and I will use intuitive guidance to assist you in the next steps.

  5. You will have access to my mail to ask me important personal questions that may come up in the program.

  6. Download the Curriculum PDF here.


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Is this program for you?

  • You want to transform your life or a certain aspect that has been stuck and in the frustration area for a long time

  • If you want to truly be guided and accompanied in creating a more aligned life with your soul.

  • If you are ready to take serious steps into creating the life of your dreams, saying yes to yourself and life.


What to expect?

  • After this program you will not be the same person, you will have integrated and healed very powerful aspects of yourself.

  • You will gain an enormous amount of clarity and confidence to take definitive bold steps to create a soul aligned life.

  • Your connection to your Soul and strengths will become stronger than before and as a result this will give your more certainty and confidence in the decisions you make from now on.

  • You will be part of a community that will be supportive.  

One Payment:
500 Euros

Payment Plan: 
3 payments of 170 Euros


If you have financial difficulties and are called to join, I offer one scholarship each time. Contact me if Interested.

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