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What is it about?

For three days we will have an experience together. 

Everyday we will meet in zoom to connect with your Soul.

Meditation, Breath work, Visualization, Creativity, Activation.

Through this experience you will have a sense of what it means and how it feels to feel connected to your Soul and it's innate qualities that are in you. 

It will be an interactive, creative and transformative experience. 

3 Powerful Days

We will share an experience together that will ignite our Creative Spark, Unpack our Wisdom and Unleash our Power.

Image by Jared Rice

Day #1
Re-connect to your Soul & Creative Power

This first day we will have Breath work to connect you to the body and a guided meditation

visualization and finish with  journaling  to connect to our Soul it's  virtues and messages that may come. 

Image by Rhett Wesley

Day #2
Wisdom and Intuition

This day we will tune in with out Inner Gps (Intuition) that is the doorway to a larger kingdom: our wisdom. 

Today we will do a short breath exercise, visualize and create.

Image by Almos Bechtold

Day #3
Power & Magic

This third day we will go deep on one of the most insightful moments, how power is connected to love, how owning our power can be one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves and others.

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The Desire to know your Soul

will end all other Desires.


3 Day Experience - 4 Pillars

Image by Manny Moreno

After the Experience you...

You will feel reconnected to your essence, more in your center, more in tune with your intuition being able to identify more that inner voice and taking action. This will lead to feel more creative and a sense of Power.

Ingrid, Paris

Experiences with Yavidan are fun, creative and powerful, it is as though
she plants a seed that keeps growing if you continue to water it. 
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