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The Whole Journey

Launching your Brand is a journey of your Soul, 

part of your Heroes journey, I will support you with marketing, communication, technology and Mindset - SoulSet.

You are ready to Go
ALL the way.

Are you ready to jump in the pool?

This is the Premium offering where I will be your mentor in the whole process after 30 - 60  days you will have set up store with a Soul Business ready to receive your clients from your home town and all over the world. 

Through our work together we will have worked one to one to have full Clarity on the Soul of your Brand, transmuted many limiting beliefs, created new habits and mindset that will support you in your entrepreneurship.

We will give birth to the core elements of your brand (Logo, Colors, Core Copy, Social Media Templates)

We will give you the basis of your Editorial Content Strategy that you will be able to replicate with ease to continue the following months.

We will Create a beautiful website where people will connect with you and what you do.

You will have your first Newsletter and will know how to continue from there.

This offering is very limited and by application it is meant for people who want wholeheartedly to invest in themselves and their business, it is an opportunity to work with me one to one for two months.

For this if you are truly interested I will be very happy to have an intro call with you to know more about your project and if we are a good fit.

Book a complimentary call.


What does it include?

We will work for 60 days together and it will include:

  1. One to one Soul Coaching to get clarity on your offering and core messages, as well as the basis of the branding elements (Logo, Core Message, Colors, Icons) 

  2. One to One Session to work on Mindset and Limiting Beliefs that come up in first Session.

  3. Creation of branding elements. 

  4. Creation of Website*. (It does not include copy, copy is provided by you and you will be guided on the how, after first session. 

  5. Coaching Session for content creation and delivery of basic templates for Social Media. 

  6. One month after Coaching session to do a check up on Mindset. 

  7. During this time I will be in contact with  you by whatsup to support with things that may come up. 

Cost & Information

Cost: Starts at 1555 € *

Payment plan available. 

3 x 588 Euros



* This is the base price that includes a four page Website, additional pages may have additional costs. 

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