Creative Session

Creativity is the language of the Universe. When you Create you speak this language, when you show your work you light up the world.

My Inspiration

Do you feel stuck in a creative level, you are in the middle or even before the beginning of an important Creative project and you feel uninspired, have impostor's syndrome and procrastination has taken the lead, this offering is for you. 

Whether you are aware or not our creative projects are very personal and connected to the deep fears and wounds in our personality, fear of rejection, fear of failure,  desire to belong and feelings of worthiness. To Create is to connect our highest power, to become a channel to a larger intelligence and possibility, to show our creations to the world  is to show ourselves in our own unique ways, and this can be scary. I have walked that path both as an Artist and Communicator, I know the fear  and feel stuck in analysis paralysis but I also have experienced the grace of feeling the fears and doing it anyway , because of that I deeply desire to assist others to do the same, cross the starting and finishing line, because I know deep within you all creatives are yearning that, the most important thing is that journey of creation, truly experiencing yourself as an artist of your creations and life. 

For who is this offering?

Here the focus are Creatives and their projects. If you are stuck in the first page of your book, or can't seem to get your business or creative adventure up and running, you procastinate more than anything else, you are looking for validation and keep thinking you are not prepared, this session is for you. 

We address these issues at a deep level. 

The session mixes the intuitive to the practical, experience shows that many creatives don't follow through because of lack of structure, supporting habits, mind set and accountability. That is why I address both angles they support each other. 


1 hour


70 Euros

200 Euros (3 sesiones)

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