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What is it about?

To harness the energy of the Equinox, I will share a for free class-meditation to show  you a way to connect to your Creative Power (Soul), to center your Energy, increase your Intuition and direct your Creative Power.

We will mix Meditation, Breath work, Visualization, Creativity, Activation.

Through this experience you will have a sense of what it means and how it feels to feel connected to your Soul and it's innate qualities that are in you. 

It will be an interactive, creative and transformative experience. 

It will last 75 - 90 minutes, by zoom.

3 pillars

We will share an experience together that will ignite our Creative Spark, Unpack our Wisdom and Unleash our Power.

Image by Jared Rice

To Connect with the Body.

After a brief introduction we will have a short breath exercise so you can ground in your Body separate from the rest of the day and be in your body to make the best of this class. I will use Kundalini yoga techniques, suited for every one.

Image by Rhett Wesley

To Center in our Hearts and Powerful Mind.


After grounding ourselves in our bodies I will guide through a meditative journey and visualization so you feel and see the connection to this Divinity in you.

Image by Almos Bechtold

Power & Magic

We will end up with a Creative Exercise to ground the experience, I have confirmed again and again that ending with a Creation wether it is written of a Drawing anchors the experience. 

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The Desire to know your Soul

will end all other Desires.



Image by Manny Moreno

After the Experience you...

You will feel reconnected to your essence, more in your center, more in tune with your intuition being able to identify more that inner voice and taking action. This will lead to feel more creative and a sense of Power.

Ingrid, Paris

Experiences with Yavidan are fun, creative and powerful, it is as though
she plants a seed that keeps growing if you continue to water it. 
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