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I am Yavidan, Holistic Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Creative (Photographer and Designer).

We live in a time when life asks us to reinvent ourselves multiple times, to define our truth, connect to our heart's desire and pave our path to our vision and dreams. My mission is to support you in this journey, to inspire and empower you from your soul, clarifying your truth, connecting to your power and talents, defining a plan and vision. My style of coaching mixes creative, practical and spiritual tools,

I believe that if we want to create real sustainable change and growth in our life we have to work from within, finding our treasures, recognizing our strengths as bringing to consciousness the patterns and believes that may be limiting us. My work is holistic looking at all these aspects. 



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Bertrand, Paris

Yavidan blew me away. Her reading of my astrological chart shed light on what has been kept in the shadows for too long out of comfort, out of fear. And everything makes sense: the strengths, the missions, the desires, the discomforts, the challenges to be taken up in order to anchor oneself to one's authentic self. A session where I left with concrete avenues to explore in order to let emerge what must be expressed as obvious. And as a bonus, the radiant energy of Yavidan!

Alejandra Spain

Yavidan is a rare combination of creativity, intuition and entrepreneurship, and she loves to share skills with the world. In that sense she has found in Astrology a good way to covey her message, and therefore a session with her is a great coaching experience. In which you will not only learn about yourself, but receive useful information to shine your light as much as possible!