" Personal Branding is Distinctively, marketing your uniqueness "


Bernard Clive

I can help you in these areas

  1. Is your brand truly reflecting you and the message you want to transmit? 

  2. Are people connecting with your voice and your image?

  3. Do you feel connected to your why? 

  4. You are stuck on the level of the image and communication of your brand?

  5. You are blocked on the abundance level.

  6. You don't follow through fully on the achieving you vision and goal.

  7. You feel your business is lacking its soul? 


When you are creating a company or brand that is an extension of who you are, it could be from a healer, coach of artist, one of the key points is to be aligned. That the colors, the messages, the social media reflect who you are in the sincerest way, what is your “why” and connects and attracts your customers.  To achieve this takes work, some inner and outer research and many times an external support to give you the best tools and vision.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy "why" you do it"

Simon Sinek


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My "Why"

I am here to serve the part of you that is saying I feel there is a different life for me. There is something I came here to do. There is something that I want to experience but I don't know how. I know there are untapped potentials and a potential life that is more exciting, fulfilling, true. 

I need support, guidance, healing, remembering, who I am and why I came. 

If you are reading this is not by chance, it is your soul guiding you.







Creative Tools


Create a brand with Soul

My 4 main tools that help me support and guide my clients are: Astrology, Intuition, Thetahealing and Creativity.


Astrology  Is for me the ancient wisdom that permits us through our Astrological Chart that is personal, understand in a deep level ourselves, there we can see why we have repeated certain things and why other things that we may truly desire to create in our life are such a challenge. A look on your Birth Chart either for an Astrocoach session or a deep reading can be a life saver by saving us time and facilitating clarity. This is my tool to assist you in your journey of selfknowledge and understanding. 

As an entrepreneur or creator of a brand it can show you clearly what are the predominant energies around your creative process, we can see when is difficult to manifest things, difficulties to communicate, abundance, it all gives us a clear picture so through consciousness we change to manifest our highest potential


“The Truth will Set you Free” 

Carl Jung


For reprogramming these both are my tools and serve best after having some kind of understanding or awareness, that is why I recommend it after and Astrocoaching Individual session but it is not mandatory,

great work can be achieved. But I recommend it because it unites Understanding and Reprogramming which makes the task more coherent for you.

During a session we will work on core limiting beliefs that have been created on your life on different levels, from ancestral, cultural to your childhood, and we will work on removing them and reprograming them.

You can also book a session directly if you want to work on beliefs you know you have. 

"If you change, the world changes"

Daysaku Ikeda


Creativity is one of the highest expressions of the soul, it is a connection to the divine and a bridge to the present, when we create we connect ourselves to the moment and our deepest truth without knowing, that is why drawings say so much about us. 

I use the development of creativity as a main support of my work with clients both individual and in groups because it brings joy, it rewires the brains and can bring suprising discoveries, from new hobbies to  new careers. 


“You can't use up Creativity,

the more you use it,

the more you have” 

Maya Angelou