Who am I?

I am a multipassionate coach, speaker and photographer, that through a great deal of change expected and unexpected learnt that creativity, joy and intuition are key to navigate life and make our dreams come true. 


I find tremendous joy in assisting others to connect to their souls, find their inspiration, clarify their dreams and manifest them and connect to their creative power to lead what I call a Creative life, where more than just actors they become directors and writers. This is what I believe is our biggest power. 


My story and its changes are long that is why I wrote a post if you want to get to know me better. Go here.



Everything that I do whether it is photography, speaking or coaching has one true intention, inspire you, inspire you to BE, to shine, to live in joy, to inspire your soul, it may sound abstract but It is not, it is the most practical definition to the creativity that makes me a multipassionate Being,  with a clear purpose. 


The core elements of my work are:



  • Astrology: through my clients and myself I have seen how a person’s Astrological chart is a key to understand who they are in a deep level. It is for me a master tool and I use it as part of my Astrocoaching to a complete reading. It helps me see where the gifts are and the challenges are. 


  • Intuition: Every time I see a client, I get messages that are linked to them and what they need in the moment.



  • Thetahealing for Reprograming: To reprogram limiting beliefs, release old patterns and reprogram I use this beautiful technique that permits do the work at a deep level. 


  • Creativity: Being creativechanged my life and I apply it to everything I do. Creativity connects you to your joy and sometimes even to your purpose. 

 I encourage you to book a complimentary 30 minutes appointment to explore the possibility to support you in your journey.


My deepest Desire and Mission is to assist you, to Reveal your Soul to you and the world, ultimately Reveal your light, which is what you came here to do.

My approach

 As a Creative I don't have a cookie cutter approach, I have an alchemist approach, I believe in the practical and spiritual  if you want to be creative you have to connect to that "invisible" field of inspiration, but also be grounded (practical). Because of this I have worked with a variety of  mentors to learn from the best: Julia CameronTony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Gabrielle Bernstein, Maria Jose Flaque, Oliviero Toscani, Rebecca Campbell, Sonia ChouquetteCarla Coulson, Pablo Flores and The Divine Works, among many others ( I believe in investing in the best education) . I have also studied Astrology and Eft to assist on changing core beliefs and trauma that may be limiting your creativity. 

How can I help you?


  • You are a creative that is frustrated because can't bring its creations into the world, because lack of clarity, confidence or organization. 

  • You have a clear creative project but you are stuck, either by limiting beliefs, lack of structure or plan. (writting a book, changing careers, creating a brand).

  • You are creating a personal brand and you don't know how to present yourself in a unique, authentic and effective way. 

  • You want to be more creative but you don't know how.

  • You need guidance on how to find your unique gifts and talents and how to use them .

  •  You think you are not creative and you want to explore how to get creative. 

 I encourage you to take a free 30 minutes appointment to see how can I help you in your journey. 

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